Painting is an action

Photography freezes and a good photograph explodes the confines of time so that we can travel through the image with our fantasy and projection. Painting captures and maintains the subject alive. Because there is the visibility of the brush stroke, the texture of the paint and tiny nuances or mistakes the painter made. It is intimate and a portal to the artist's soul. Gerard Richter's paintings of photographs speak more than the photos themselves.

Painting is an action. It is -an action-

Like capturing thunder or pausing lightning. Artists take from reality. What and how they do it, mostly the 'how' they do it depends on which reality is more real to them. I take from internal reality, internal landscapes and energy movement. I am reminded to "keep up with my expansion" everyday in painting. The canvas is a microphone of sorts, an intimate whispering mechanism back to yourself and 'out', into more of yourself.