art & buisness

I had the lucky chance of listening to an old time and very dear friend and successful art expert the other night, I wish I had recorded everything because it was a download of what the art 'world' looks like from the other side, from the side of the 'marketplace', galleries and art movers, in Brazil especially. I learned a lot about the importance of knowing how to talk about what you do, even thought the artists work is the medium of communication itself. There is great value in wording the invisible as well as painting it.

I came away with many treasures and also thinking about our human tendency to diminish opportunities and play it safe out of fear and an inherent belief in lack, 'if there is everything for everyone then there won't be enough for me' idea. Creation, creativity, genius and gifts to the human collective in the form of art are the basic make up of human expression, it's our first expression, so vast and infinitely generous, so much potential for abundance and transformation from all artists.

May we shift the market from a market based on lack to one that thrives in wealth, inspiration, honesty and abundance. Yes, this is naive in a capitalist system, but I don't believe anyone is fully prosperous emotionally, spiritually and even financially in this system, for the basic thread running through is the dull thread of lack and fear.

I am excited to move my work forward in as many directions as possible and I do believe in the fearless alchemy of art and market, of creation and abundance and money and spirit.

About the Compression series

I don't want to talk about society, media and human relations. "19 lights" is the only painting about relationship I've done. I want to portray and channel the chemistry of creation and the evolution of feelings within that matrix. The first emotion is primal, not animal like but deafening, like the birth of sound from the absence of even silence in a black hole. I am interested in the hundreds of infinite beats before what became visible, manifested to the human eye. I am interested in the beginning of creation from creation's point of view. I am interested in the 'before', when everything was already free, in birth. What was before the deafening stamp of language and the cage of concepts?

The invisible movement

Painting is a process. That process either takes place completely inside of you before you paint and the actual 'paint on the canvas' moment is the full stop to that emotion/process; or the internal process happens during the execution of the painting, waxing and waning, like a long love relationship. It can come in and out of focus of your true love and connection to something beyond, or before yourself.

Museu de arte sacra de Parati, RJ.

Museu de arte sacra de Parati, RJ.

Painting is an action

Photography freezes and a good photograph explodes the confines of time so that we can travel through the image with our fantasy and projection. Painting captures and maintains the subject alive. Because there is the visibility of the brush stroke, the texture of the paint and tiny nuances or mistakes the painter made. It is intimate and a portal to the artist's soul. Gerard Richter's paintings of photographs speak more than the photos themselves.

Painting is an action. It is -an action-

Like capturing thunder or pausing lightning. Artists take from reality. What and how they do it, mostly the 'how' they do it depends on which reality is more real to them. I take from internal reality, internal landscapes and energy movement. I am reminded to "keep up with my expansion" everyday in painting. The canvas is a microphone of sorts, an intimate whispering mechanism back to yourself and 'out', into more of yourself.